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Moving your domain to OnTimeHost for HOSTING
How to take an existing domain name, hosted at another ISP, and move it to OnTimeHost's servers...

NOTE: this page covers transferring a Domain Name to OnTimeHost's servers for HOSTING, which is different than transferring the REGISTAR for a particular domain.

Moving an existing domain name to OnTimeHost for hosting is quite simple, but changing registration information is the responsibility of the owner of the domain (usually the customer. The Administrative contact of the Domain is the only person or entity that can usually modify Domain Name Registrations. If you are not registered as the Administrative Contact for the Domain you wish to transfer, then you MUST get whoever is the Administrative contact to submit the necessary changes to whichever registration service you used to obtain the Domain Name. If you have any questions or concerns before your begin the transfer process, you should contact whoever is currently hosting the Domain or your Registar.)Note there are many different Registars,each with it's own way of handling Domain Registration and modification. If you need help figuring out who own and hosts what, and what you need to do, OnTimeHost Customer Care can help in getting domains transferred to our Registration Service and for hosting on our servers.

We've layed out some simple instructions, but as always, if you have questions or problems, feel free to call our Customer Care Center.

1. Verify that the current registration information is correct, and that you do indeed own the domain and have the ability and right to modify the registration. Most importantly, check the Administrative Contact email address. Make sure you have access to that e-mail address/account - if you do not, you will need to contact your current Registar and update that information before proceeding!

2.  Call us and let us know you want to set up a new Domain. If you're not a OnTimeHost customer yet, we'll sign you up for a new account and acticvate it IMMEDIATELY.

3.  Upload your website, and test it BEFORE transferring the domain (you will be told a server name that will host your Domain when you call to notify us of the transfer.

Next, Please contact your domain registrar (the company your Domain is currently registered through. If you require our name server information for domain name modification, please use the following:

Primary Name Server Hostname: ns1.OnTimeHost.Net
Primary Name Server Netaddress:
Secondary Name Server Hostname: ns2.OnTimeHost.Net
Secondary Name Server Netaddress:
4.  In some cases, the registar will contact you via email for your approval. Do not approve the transfer until you are satisfied your new website is working on our servers.

5.   Reply to  and authorize the transfer of your domain name. The propagation of your new IP address on our servers will take up to 5 days, after which you may close your former webhosting account! The transfer period is completely dependant upon the registar you used when purchasing the Domain. OnTimeHost can offer advice in dealing with various registars, but we cannot pretend to be the legitimate owner of your Domain and handle your transfer request - it is the responsibility of the legal owner of the Domain to do that.

OnTimeHost can host any international domain name (i.e. - .tv, .fm, .ca, .es, .us, uk, .au, de, .fr, .jp, .br, .mx, .sg, etc.) on our servers! Please note that all international domains are responsible for transferring their domains to our servers.
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