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Control Panel Account 
Setup Page

We recommend bookmarking and printing this page for later reference.

Your account setup information e-mail willl resemble the following:

New Account Info:
Web Site Domain Name:  <YourDomain>
Web Site IP :  <YourIPaddress> (n)=shared ip , (y)=dedicated ip
UserName :  <YourUsername>
PassWord :  <YourPassword>       (Passwords are case-sensitive)
Hosting Plan :  <YourAccont Plan>
FTP Host Name/Address:  <YourFTPaddress>  (Host Type: Automatic Detect)
Control Panel Location:  http://YourDomain.Com:2082
SSL Available at:  https://YourDomain.Com
WebMail:  http://YourDomain.Com:2095
Contract Length: 3 month(s) start ?? Jan. 2003

The above username and password will be used for all functions related to your account. This includes your main e-mail, control panel, reseller control panel (if applicable), Front Page Publishing, and FTP access. 

Note: After you move your DNS you will be able to use <yourdomain> in place of the ip address for the instructions below.


1.Uploading HTML
2.Moving your domain (DNS Information)
3.Accessing Your Control Panel
4.Accessing your Web/POP E-mail
5.More Information
6.More Support

1.Uploading HTML

To upload your web page (HTML) to the server you will need to use FTP and ftp to <yourIPaddress> and log in using the above username and password. Once logged in you will need to copy your html in the /www directory.

2.Moving your domain (DNS Information)

The next step is to visit your registrar (the company you registered your domain name with) and point your domain to our Name Servers. (Note: If you registered nameservers with us, you will need to go to your registrar and "register" your new name servers. Your registrar should have more information on this subject.

Please repoint your dns to the following:


(Note, if you purchased virtual nameservers from us, you will receive the dns information via e-mail)

3.Accessing Your Control Panel

To access your site control panel, you will type the following in to your web browser:

(example: or (example: http://YourDomain.Com/cpanel) 

You will be prompted to enter your log in information from above.

4.Accessing your Web/POP E-mail

To access you web mail you will need to visit:

example: or (example: http://YourDomain.Com:2095) 

Please note that your username by itself will be used to log in to the web mail and pop mail accounts. Once you create other accounts, to log in, those accounts must use the entire e-mail address as a username with there password to log in to POP and Web mail. 

5.More Information

For more information on basic hosting, please visit our FAQ's

6.More Support

For more support please visit our support page.

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